What Watches Look Best with NATO Straps?

Are you thinking of purchasing a NATO strap for your watch? Or perhaps you are considering buying a watch with NATO strapsalready included. If so, congrats! This is a fabulous choice for wear with nearly any watch, in nearly any terrain. However, some people might worry that NATO straps simply will not match their watches. Here, we will talk about what watches look best with NATO straps. This article can help you to decide if this bold fashion statement is right for your wrist.

Inexpensive Watches

NATO straps look great with inexpensive watches. Wearing a NATO strap with a watch can actually extend its life. In the event that your spring bar breaks on your watch, even the most inexpensive watch will stay in place. This is because NATO straps feature multiple spring bars. You may also find that wearing this sort of strap with an inexpensive watch gives such watches an instant facelift. Taking a cheap watch from drab to fab is no small undertaking. But the simple (an affordable) addition of a NATO strap can do just that. Best of all, you can invest in several to give your watch a new look whenever you want.

Expensive Watches

As mentioned above, a NATO strap can actually protect your investment in a watch. This can be said whether you watch costs $5 or $5,000. Some fashion blog have poo-pooed the wearing of NATO straps with expensive watches. To them, we would just like to point out that James Bond himself opted to wear a NATO strap…on his Rolex. Some very expensive watches may already come outfitted with a NATO strap. Others can easily be changed over to a NATO strap if you admire the functionality and style of this sort of strap.

It’s All about Style

We think watches, when paired with NATO straps, are all about a particular style. Normally, these watches appear militaristic in design. For a better reference, check out our E-8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 models. All of these watches feature sleek, modern styling. They look great with a variety of NATO straps, including the ones they come with. Feel free to buy extras to change up your look. With a NATO strap, your watch will look great for years to come, and withstand a real beating from the elements. Stay ahead of the style curb and buy one today.

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