Importance of using crash sensors and impact recorders during transporting transformers

transporting transformerTransporting a product from the place of its origin to markets has been the driving force of human civilization for thousands of years. It is a fact that products can be damaged during transportation due to excessive shocks and improper handling. In the past we did not have good instruments to measure this; so it was difficult to take protective measures and so sometimes damage used to occur to valuable goods. But now-a-days we have technology to help us to mitigate this problem. We can use crash sensors and impact recorders in order to detect shocks and record shocks. When we transport valuable products like transformer, using crash sensor and impact recorder is almost obligatory.

Crash sensors can increase the security of vehicles and transported goods. You will be able to detect abnormal events and so you will be able to adjust the way you drive to ensure the safety of your vehicle and transported goods.

Impact recorders for transformers are very important when we transport transformers. Transformers are usually reliable but if any faults occur it may become very dangerous. If transformers are subjected to excessive shocks damages may occur. Probable damages are described below:

  • Winding of the transformer can be displaced.
  • Clamping pressure of windings may become loose; as a result during electric fault windings may collapse.
  • Due to excessive shocks insulation between the turns may be damaged and as a result short circuit may occur.
  • In a transformer there is a safe clearance between the tank and the active part. Due to excessive shock we may lose the safe clearance.

During transporting transformers impact recorders can be used to record shock value. They can also record the time when it occurred. For the following reasons impact recorders should be used during transporting transformers.

It can determine a concealed damage that may occur because of a shock. Impact recorders can be used to log time of the impact and even the location (modern impact recorders can do this). So we can use the data for insurance claims. Impact recorders can be used to reduce the warranty claims. These claims occur when we do not notice the concealed damage. We can use impact recorders for transformer and collect data over time. This data can help us to improve the design of the transformer and make it more durable.

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