Crash Sensors and Impact Recorders

Product delivery has been prioritized for many years, little consideration has been provided on the nature of the good as well as the condition of arrival. For companies engaged in merchandise transit, expense has been incurred in compensating for damages that would have been prevented. Cargolog® Crash Sensor enables and guarantees immediate detection and quick action on the prevention of any arising damage. With consideration to the safety of the transport vehicle, the sensor ensures that micro vibrations and shocks impacted on various sensitive areas of the vehicle are well monitored. This will, therefore, provide a state of comfort and assurance on the condition of the goods to arrive safely.

For the drivers, crash sensor Cargolog® Vehicle Safety System provides guidance during transit. It acts as a guide on rough roads and driving conditions for the driver. It monitors small changes in the balance of the vehicle and temperature changes. Through this, the driver can be communicated to immediately to react accordingly and in real time. This is critical for sensitive products and perishable goods affected with small changes in temperatures.

While not limited to detection within the vehicle only, Cargolog® provides the organization as well as the client with up to date and live condition of the vehicle and the goods. This is enabled through use of GSM/GPRS communication. The device automatically sends information remotely to the waiting receivers which provide displays for monitoring purposes.

When an impact occurs to the vehicle or the goods during transit, it is essential for one to be able to view and be up to date with this, in order to act immediately and in real time. This is further enabled through Cargolog® Impact Recorder. Impact Recorder provides monitoring platform on the client’s PC to enabled real time intervention on the nature of the good and when an impact occurs. Impact Recorder is an optional addition into the Cargolog® range of transit security systems. While acting in conjunction with the crash sensor, impact recorder is very sensitive to the minute impacts and shocks that are encountered and received by the vehicle and goods. This is fundamental for any good being transmitted.


Cargolog® Crash Sensors and Cargolog® Impact Recorders are both data loggers. They enable future counter checking and monitoring of events that took place during the transportation process for the given goods. Both of these products provide support for acceleration X-Y-Z and temperature monitoring. They are on a state of constant activation to ensure that frequent occurrences are captured and recorded. They are effectively powered by the vehicle’s 8-48V DC to ensure minimal power consumption, hence no interference with other functionalities of the vehicle or power drain.

Impact Recorder has an extended functionality of sensing and recording humidity and the angle tilt of the vehicle and the goods on board. The Impact Recorder supports expansion into various designs from the root basic system #0, #1, #2 and #3.

Cargolog® Crash Sensors and Cargolog® Impact Recorder are an ultimate combination of systems that will give complete comfort and security to the client as well as the transporting company.


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